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3 T_3.JPGThank you to the 2020 - 21 Wisconsin FFA State Officer team for donating a leadership workshop, up to 3 hours in length, with the officers on site - to the Wisconsin FFA Alumni & Supporters online auction. 10 4706 1,805.00  
32 T_32.JPGThank you to the 2020 - 21 Wisconsin FFA State Officer team for donating a leadership workshop, up to 3 hours in length, with the officers on site - to the Wisconsin FFA Alumni & Supporters online auction. 11 4124 1,405.00  
T_45.JPG"Painted by graduated Barron FFA member Lyndsey Mickelson. No matter where life takes you after wearing the jacket, your roots will remain FOREVER BLUE." Ryan Erickson; Section 1 12 4726 200.00  
T_46.JPG"A black metal ash bucket with a lid and flower arrangement. With a rustic American barn, cows on pasture, and beautiful sunflowers. Growing up showing Holstein cows taught me so many life lessons, many of which were taught to me by my Aunt Kathy who is the one who brought the vision of this flower pot to life." Emily Sheehan; Section 5 7 4718 100.00  
T_47.JPGJared Mack served as the State FFA Secretary for Section 6. If FFA wasn't on his mind, the outdoors was. Jared absolutely loves hunting and the outdoors at his grandparents farm-et in southern Wisconsin near Sauk Prairie. The inspiration for this flower pot comes from his outdoor experiences. At his grandparents while hunting, you can hear the old wind mill squeaking in the fall breeze. Under the wind mill lies an almost 100 year old barn filled with character. Near the barn is one of Jared's and his grandpa's favorite spots to look for morel mushrooms. See if you can spy them among the painting - much easier than looking in the woods! The rock cliff is also a staple in the land where Jared had hiked and gone hunting from. Lastly, the painting shows Jared's biggest buck to date that he harvested right near his grandparents farm-et. Jared would like to thank Mrs. Crook, the Columbus FFA advisor, for her time in painting this beautiful pot. The flower pot is 7 inches in diameter. Jared's favorite memories from serving as a State FFA officer were meeting the thousands of students that make FFA so great!" 17 4739 405.00  
T_48.JPG"Thanks to FFA, I believe my future in agriculture- farming among the beautiful hills, valleys, creeks, and contour strips of west-central Wisconsin with my family- is as bright as the rising sun." Curtis Weltzien, Section 3 21 4713 305.00  
T_49.JPG"For some, a red barn may seem insignificant, but for many, it's the world to them. I will forever be grateful for the lessons learned growing up on a century farm and am proud to be the fourth generation on our homestead." Joe Schlies. Section 9, current FFA State President. 27 4713 380.00  
T_51.JPG"This pot embodies the "roots" that our state has within the agriculture industry and the diversity that it holds. Around the rim, it shows the stations where FFA officers are stationed by. The blue corduroy jacket symbolizes something different to all of us, whether we are alumni members or past officers on the state and/or chapter levels. The dairy industry is very important to our state, so it shows an FFA member showing a dairy cow along with the Ellsworth Creamery. Our individual "roots" in agriculture have evolved and grown in different ways, but what unites us all is our passion for this amazing opportunity to be part of the alumni." Section 2 Lindsey Augustine 6 4687 105.00  
52 T_52.JPG"Although this year has been very different, FFA members have managed to tackle the challenges thrown their way. This flowerpot's design showcases the craziness that everyone has gone through this year. However, among all the craziness, stars emerge. Each of these stars is an FFA member. Not only have they had to approach this year in a totally new way, but they have also still continued to shine by showcasing their passion for agriculture and leadership skills." Section 8 Lydia Williams 4 4726 100.00  
T_53.JPG"My roots began in our dairy barn outside of Watertown: fresh air, great girls (cows, of course!), and most of all, a dynamic that I want to stay involved in as I am receiving a degree from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls majoring in Agricultural Marketing and Communications. This flowerpot showcases the roots and flowers that are in the pot. Although the roots are not seen, the action in the middle requires necessities such as energy to produce a beautiful flower. You, as an Alumni and Supporter Member, FFA Member, FFA Advisor, or a Community Person, would be contributing to a cause that has helped myself and many others blossom to their full potential in leadership and career success. This twelve-quart metal flowerpot has an antique paper mache in the background with many complex and simple flowers on the outside. When you support this flowerpot, you will be supporting the unique members that are a part of this impactful organization and giving your home/outside a fresh and beautiful outlook!" Section 10 Michelle Stangler 6 4190 105.00  
T_54.JPG "My painted pot was inspired by the late Keith Allen Haring, an artist known for his graffiti-like pop art. Haring's art style is very different from every other artist, much like my year of service as Wisconsin FFA State Vice President. Our year as state officers was very different from many past teams. We had our year cut short because of Covid-19, and we were still able to create a lasting impact because we took what we had and created a different but still meaningful year of service. I have never experienced a year of triumphs, joy, nervousness, and pride quite like 2020. If I had to choose a word to describe my year as a state officer, I would choose the word different. Different challenges, experiences, people, and opportunities are just a glimpse into my year as a state officer. And I wanted to represent that in my painted pot. On my pot, there are 6 individual scenes with the phrase "Rise Up. Stand Out," on the top to state our state theme for the year. I painted each of these scenes to represent each symbol within the FFA emblem. Every scene is painted in a way that it showcases each part of the emblem while encompassing a simpleness that leaves room for interpretation beyond just The National FFA Organization. It represents a journey in life and reminds us of what truly guides us. We are guided by wisdom, dedication and the people in our lives that raise us up to our elevated potential. This pot represents all FFA members past and present, and is a symbol for anyone, agriculturalist or not, that we are what we make ourselves out to be. This pot certainly looks very different from previous and present painted items, but that is the goal. Differences define us and I am excited to show that with my pot." Section 4 Grace Morrissey 5 4726 100.00  
55 T_55.JPG"A Holstein cow you can give a hairdo of your choice by planting your favorite flowers!" Section 7 Daniel Clark 6 4726 100.00  
T_56.JPG"The phrases on this flowerpot perfectly exemplify my 7 years wearing the blue corduroy jacket and my commitment to continue supporting FFA for the rest of my life. There's nothing quite like the blue and gold!" Collin Weltzien 2019-2020 State President, Wisconsin Association of FFA 20 4720 350.00  

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